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A New, Innovative Digital TV Network Featuring Original Positive Programs
*We reserve the right to maintain an inclusive yet exclusive community.  *
Why Us
In the spirit of integrity, legacy, and community, Legrity Media Network was born.  We aim to provide global digital media services, opportunities and branding in one of the newest and biggest growing industry with low barrier and cost entry while providing tailored solutions, products and services, and training to ensure success.
Legrity Media Network provides Content Creators of television, videos, summits, and podcasts, and Brands/Advertisers, a new versatile and scalable global digital platform with a high growth hungry market, providing higher returns on investments for distribution of their unique and highly engaging original content via easily accessible options.

The Legrity Media Network airs shows across the globe, communities, and cultures with positive reinforcement programs of entertainment, education, empowerment, music, and exploration shows.

The Legrity Media Network leads the movement toward positive entertainment programs on digital television where viewers are empowered to find greatness within and together. 

We are a leverageable, impactful, real-life, and positive way to grow YOUR message, brand and revenue.

Legrity Media Network has the ability to insert advertisements on every broadcast channel.
Our broadcast channels can have a minimum 4 to 30 second commercials each hour on average. Our original channels can have an average 24 commercials every hour. Legrity Media Network delivers up to 4K media on smartphone, TV,Over the air, tablet, set top box,Android and IOS apps.
- Legrity Media Network broadcasts worldwide to 213 countries including Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, UAE, UK, and Russia 

Stand Out In The Marketplace with our Learning Resource Center

Reach More of the Right People  With over 322 Million Potential Households Worldwide

Private Producers / Host Community Support, Collaborations and Feedback 

Meet The Team

Allison Stark

Legrity Media Co-Founder


Lesley Klein

Legrity Media Co-Founder


Daniel Faust

Legrity Media Co-Founder


Kimberly "Queen Kimmie" Tyson

Legrity Media Co-Founder

South Carolina

Sonia Clark

Legrity Media Co-Founder


As an ethical business with practices and transparency, Legrity Media provides platforms and products that are easy to use and includes tailored white glove solutions and additional complimentary services/products for Producer/Hosts to bring an exceptional product to viewers and listeners that brands and investors want to be part of.
In comparison to competitors, Legrity Media provides many benefits with our driving value principles of: Integrity, Community, and Legacy. We believe in "positively impacting lives and communities. 
That is one reason why we want to hear from you. 
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