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Streaming Your Own TV Show
We offer step by step training and resources to help you every step of the way. Be seen and heard by viewers and listeners of TV, live streaming, summits, and podcasts. 

Get global reach and impact for your brand and business.  
* This is application only and we reserve the right to maintain an inclusive yet exclusive community.  *
Become A TV Show Host / Producer - Of Your Own Show
How long have you been attempting to find a way to rise above the noise and get in front of a fresh audience with your brand and business.  With Legrity you are connected to 322 Million households and listeners across 213 countries via easy-to-use low-cost/high ROI platforms and apps in a new low-competition arena of non-scripted original shows and summits. You get to participate in one of the current highest growth industries. Be part of the movement of empowering, educational, entertaining, and original shows, with soon-to-be: podcast feeds and "live interactive TV".
Legrity Media's tag line is "Positively Impacting Lives And Communities". All our business products and processes are ethical and transparent with heart-centered intent...
You receive tailored solutions, training, and support, end-to-end service/products with additional options, and ease of use....
You are part of an inclusive yet exclusive community that wants to help you leverage what you already have...

Ready for your own TV Show? Apply now, we will review your application and notify you via email if you are accepted. 

air your TV show on all Legrity Media Platforms
Billed monthly, with option to pay annually.
This price covers 25 minute episodes.
  • Save $797 when you choose the annual plan

Your Own Show

Legrity is a hybrid virtual multichannel video programming and media distribution company. Legrity Media Network provides viewers of video and TV, and listeners of podcasts choices with when and how they can access their favorite, exclusive, original shows.

Attention: Brands, Businesses, Podcasters and Content Creators

You could reach 213 countries and 322M households with your own TV Show.  

TV Shows, Advertisements and Commercials
Inquire about how you can get more leads and generate more impact, income and influence with Legrity's help.  We not only air your TV show, we help with advertising, sponsorships and promotions packages.  

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